Sunday, December 2, 2012

Schedule December 3-14

Monday, December 3

Video:  The Presidents:  Andrew Jackson through James K. Polk

Tuesday, December 4

Lecture:  Antebellum Reform Movements

Reading Guide for Chapter 10 due tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 5

Lecture:  Abolition and Slavery

Start reading Chapter 13.  The Reading Guide is for both Chapter 13 and 14. The entire reading guide is due on Wednesday, December 12.

Thursday, December 6

Finish lecture on abolition and slavery.

Friday, December 7  Bring Book Today.

The Chapter 13-14 reading guide is long.  So you will have some time today in class to work.  The reading guide is due on THURSDAY.

Monday, December 10

DBQ Writing.

Homework:  Reform Movement DBQ.  Word processed. Due tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 11

Lecture:  Road to War:  The 1850s, Part 1

Wednesday, December 12

Lecture:  Road to War:  The 1850s, Part 2

The Chapter 14 Reading Guide is due tomorrow.

Thursday, December 13

Lecture:  The Emergence of Abraham Lincoln and the Election of 1860

Start reading Chapter 15 and the corresponding Chapter in AMSCO.  The Civil War Reading Guide is Due next Thursday.

Friday, December 14

DBQ:  The 1850s.  The DBQ is due tomorrow.

Monday, December 17

Lecture:  The Civil War, Part 1

Tuesday, December 18

Lecture: The Civil War, Part 2

Wednesday, December 19

Lecture:  The Civil War

The Reading Guide for the Civil War is due tomorrow.

Thursday, December 20

Quiz:  Chapters 14 & 15

Start reading Chapter 16.  Start the reading guide.  It will be due on Tuesday, January 8 2013!

Looking ahead:   The big unit test will be on January 14.  Your final exam is on January 16.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Schedule November 26-30

Monday, November 26

1.  Go over Jackson Editorial Cartoons
2.  Go over Chapter 9 Reading Guide

Tuesday, November 27

Quiz:  Chapter 9 The Age of Jackson

RG over Chapter 12 due tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 28

Lecture:  Manifest Destiny, Part 1

Thursday, November 29

Lecture:  Manifest Destiny, Part 2

Friday, November 30


50 terms from Prologue-Chapter 11 (except for Chapter 10).  Know the terms from your reading guides and notes.  Fill in the blank.  No word bank.

Read Chapter 10.  Complete reading guide for Wednesday.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Schedule November 19-21

Monday, November 19

Lecture:  The Administration of Andrew Jackson

Tuesday, November 20

1.  Video:  The Presidents:  Andrew Jackson
2.  Andrew Jackson Through Editorial Cartoons

Reading guide for Chapter 9 due tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21

Discuss cartoons

Read Chapter 12.  Reading guide for Chapter 12 due next Wednesday.

Coming up next week:

Tuesday:  Quiz over Chapter 9
Friday:  Terms Test.  50 terms from Chapters 1-11 (except for chapter 10)

Schedule November 12-17

Monday, November 12

Lecture:  Early Factory System

Tuesday, November 13

Test:  Unit 2

Wednesday, November 14

Test corrections.

Start reading Chapter 9.  Reading guide for Chapter 9 due on Wednesday, November 21

Thursday, November 15

1.  Go over test
2.  Lecture:  Introduction to Andrew Jackson

Friday, November 16

Lecture:  Jackson, Part 1

Reading guide due on Wednesday.  Terms Test next in Two Weeks!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Schedule November 5-9

Monday, November 5

Sectionalism class activity

Start reading chapters 8 and 11.  The Reading Guide is due on Monday when you take your Unit 2 Test.

Tuesday, November 6   Bring Book Today

Today, you will have the class period to work on the Chapter 8 and 11 Reading guide.

Wednesday, November 7

1.  Lecture:  The Election of 1824 and the Administration of John Quincy Adams
2.  Video: The Presidents:  James Monroe and John Q. Adams

Thursday, November 8

Lecture:  The Early Industrial Revolution

Friday, November 9

Video:  How the States Got Their Shapes:  Planes Trains and Automobiles

The Unit 2 Test is on Monday.  It will be about 70-75 questions.  Also, the Chapters 8 & 11 Reading Guide is also due.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Tuesday, October 30

1.  Quiz:  Chapter 6
2.  Finish discussing "Secret Life of a Developing People"

Read Chapter 7.  Complete reading guide for Monday.

Wednesday, October 31

Lecture:  The War of 1812, Part 1

Thursday, November 1

Lecture:  The War of 1812, Part 2

Friday, November 2

Lecture:  The Era of Good Feeling and Sectionalism

Monday:  Quiz over Sectionalism.  You will be completing Chapter 8 and 11 next week, with the Unit exam on Monday Nov 12.  Bring book on Tuesday; you will have the class period to work on the reading guide in class.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

SCHEDULE October 22-26, 2012

Monday, October 22

1.  Watch The Presidents:  George Washington
2.  Lecture: John Adams and the Election of 1796
3.  Go over Chapter 5, Part 2 reading ruide

Tuesday, October 23

1.  Watch:  The Presidents:  John Adams
2.  Quiz:  Chapter 5

Start reading Chapter 6.   The reading guide for Chapter 6 is an outline.  Although you need to read Chapter 6, the outline is optional.  I will collect it on Tuesday if you would like some points for it.  We will have a quiz over Chapter 6 on Tuesday, October 30.

Wednesday, October 24

Lecture:  The Election of 1800 and Thomas Jefferson's Administration

Thursday, October 25

1.  Lecture:  Thomas Jefferson and the coming war with Great Britain
2.  Watch:  The Presidents:  Thomas Jefferson

Read, "The Personal Side of a Developing People."  The reading is broken up into short segments.  Each of you will be responsible for some of the sections and  you will be presenting the information from each section tot he class tomorrow.  Here is the sheet that you will be filling out during the discussion.  Focus:  What does the article tell us about life in the early American republic?

“Dour Visages”
Russ B.
Cheyenne B.
Hannah B.
“A Pungent Folk”
“Privy Matters”
“Letting the Bedbugs Bite”
Michael B.
Dan E.
Tony F.
Sam G.
“Birth of the Bath”
“Besotted Era”
Jenny K.
Rose K.
Matt K.
Joe K.
“Public Punishment”
“Rise of Respectability”
Emma M.
Kenny M.
Brad N.
Megan N.
“Sex Lives of the Natives”
Lisa N.
Maddie O.
Rachel P.
Nathan S.
“Reigning in the Passions”
Jack S.
Doug T.
Luke T.
Joe V.
“Smoking and Spitting”
“From Deference to Equality”
“Land of Abundance”

Friday, October 26

Discussion over "The Secret Life of a Developing Country."

On Tuesday, we will have a quiz over Chapter 6.  We are also starting Chapter 7.  The reading guide for Chapter 7 is due next friday.  You can download it here.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Schedule October 15-19, 2012

Monday, October 15

Lecture:  Constitutional Convention

Tuesday, October 16

Lecture:  The Ratification Process and the First Election

Reading guide for Chapter 5, sec 2 due on Thursday

Wednesday, October 17

Meet in Student Services.  You will be meeting with your counselors.

Thursday, October 18

Lecture:  The Administration of George Washington

Finish reading, "The Greatness of George Washington" and complete Fact File

Friday, October 19

1.  Quiz:  The Greatness of George Washington
2.  Go Over Reading Guide for Chapter 5, sec 1

Monday, October 8, 2012

Schedule October 9-12

Tuesday, October 9

1.  Go over Unit 1 Test
2.  Finish discussing the Unit 1 essay.  The rewrite for the essay is due on Friday.

Continue with Chapter 5.  Complete the Chapter 5 Part 1 reading guide for Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 10

Lecture:  The Articles of Confederation and the Constitutional Convention

Read the rest of Chapter 5.  Complete the Chapter 5, Part 2 Reading Guide for Tuesday.

Thursday, October 11

Video:  Making a Constitution

Friday, October 12

Lecture:  The Ratification of the Constitution

Start reading, "The Greatness of George Washington."  Complete Fact File for article.  Due on Thursday of next week.  You will have a quiz over the article then.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Schedule September 24-28

Monday, September 24

1.  Finish Lecture:  Road to War
2.  Go over Chapter 3 Quiz

Read "Common Sense" and complete study questions for tomorrow.  Chapter 4 reading guide is now due on FRIDAY.

Tuesday, September 25

1.  Discuss Common Sense.
2.  Declaration of Independence activity.  Read the document and answer the study questions.

Wednesday, September 26

No School.

Thursday, September 27

Discuss the Declaration of Independence

Chapter 4 Reading Guide due TOMORROW.

Friday, September 28

Lecture:  The Revolutionary War Soldier

Test over Unit 1 on Wednesday.

Monday, October 1

American History Mystery:  The American Revolution Edition

Tuesday, October 2

Lecture:  The End of the War

Wednesday, October 2

Test:  Unit 1

Start reading Chapter 5.  Complete reading guide (Chapter 5, part 1) for Tuesday, October 9.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Schedule September 18-21

Tuesday, September 18

Writing a thesis and intro, part 2

Tonight, you need to re-write your introduction and thesis.  It might be best to word-process your response as you will be able to re-write this as many times as you want.  Turn in the old copy of the essay as well.

Reading guide for Chapter 3, part 2 is due on Thursday.

Wednesday, September 19

Lecture:  The Road to War:  Causes of the American Revolution

Reading guide is due tomorrow.

Thursday, September 20

Lecture:  The Boston Massacre

Start reading Chapter 4.  Complete reading guide for Thursday, September 27

Friday, September 21

Lecture:  The Shot Heard Around the World

Test over Unit 1 on Tuesday, October 2!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Schedule September 10-14

Monday, September 10

1.  Finish lecture on the Colonies
2.  Go over "Itemizing the Colonies" sheet
3.  Discuss the essay prompt

HW:  Start reading chapter 3 (pages 79-95).  Complete Chapter 3, Part 1 reading guide for Friday

Tuesday, September 11

Quiz:  Chapters 1 & 2

HW.  Essay.  You will get an AP style essay to write.  The essay will be due tomorrow. Continue working on reading guide.

Wednesday, September 12

1.  Collect essays.
2.  Lecture:  The beginning of the French and Indian War

Thursday, September 13

1.  Lecture: The French and Indian War

Reading Guide (Chapter 3, Part 1) is due tomorrow.

Friday, September 14

Writing Day:  "I'd Like to Have an Argument, Please"

Today, we will be discussing the art of thesis and intro writing.  You will get your essay back and you will need to rewrite just your intro using the supplied rubric.  The new intro will be due on Tuesday.  Turn in your new intro attached to your old essay.  Every time you turn in a rewrite, you need to include ALL versions that you have written.

Also, you need to finish reading Chapter 3 and complete the Chapter 3, part 2 reading guide for Thursday.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Schedule September 4-7 (UPDATED)

Tuesday, September 4

1.  Finish Lecture on Puritans
2.  Puritan Document Analysis in Class (Fill out chart for the analysis)
3.  Go over Chapter 1 reading guide

Wednesday, September 5

1.  Discuss Puritan documents
2.  Start video:  Massacre at Mystic.  You will be filling out a sheet as well for this video.  Store the video sheets with your "Fact File" sheets.

Thursday, September 6

1.  Finish video.  Discuss

Friday, September 7  

1.  Go over Chapter 2 reading guide.
2.  Lecture:  Quakers in the Colonies

Homework:  Complete "Itemizing the Colonies" (except for the last page) for Monday.

Quiz over Chapters 1 and 2 on Tuesday!  For this quiz, you will be writing about an image and explain how it relates to the chapter, you will write about the relationship between terms and answer a short essay question.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Schedule August 27-31

Monday, August 27

1.  Complete "Fact File" for Omnivore's Dilemma
2.  Lecture:  The History of Corn

Work on the reading guide for Chapter 1. Due on Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 28

Lecture:  Native America and the Arrival of Europeans

As a supplement to this lecture, it is recommended that you watch the following clips on YouTube:

Reading Guide is due tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 29

Lecture:  Jamestown and Chesapeake Colonization

Read Chapter 2.  Complete reading guide for next Wednesday

Thursday, August 30

1.  Finish lecture
2.  Document analysis:  "The Starving Tyme"

Friday, August 31

Lecture:  The Colonization of New England

You will have a quiz over Chapters 1 & 2 next Friday!  Reading guide due on Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Schedule, August 29-31, 2012

Wednesday, August 29

Introduction to the course. Distribution of class materials.

Homework:  Read, "The Pristine Myth" for tomorrow.  Complete reading guide.  We will have a quiz over the reading tomorrow.  Make sure you bring book tomorrow.

Thursday, August 30  BRING BOOK TODAY

1.  Quiz over the reading
2.  Discuss the reading.  Complete an "Essential Fact File" for the article.
3.  Explain "specific definitions" using "The Pristine Myth" as an example.

Homework:  Read, "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollen, just pages 23-31.  Take notes and be prepared to discuss tomorrow.

Friday, August 31

1.  Lecture:  Corn and Colonization
2.  Discuss "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and complete an "Essential Fact File"

Homework:  Read the Prologue and Chapter 1 in The American Nation.  Complete reading guide for Wednesday. 

Welcome to the 2012-13 School Year!

Welcome to the class blog for Advanced Placement United States History.  Here you will find everything you will need to be successful in class.  Weekly schedules will be posted, along with due dates for assignments.  In addition, all assignments are downloadable as well.  This can come in handy if you are absent or you just want to get ahead.

And that is the key.  This is a very content heavy course---so you will need to be organized and stay on top of things.  I am here to help you and do whatever I can to help you succeed.  However, you need to make sure you keep up with assignments and reading.  There is only so much I can do in regard to the information---the rest is up to you.

I look forward to this year.  See you soon.

Mr. Janu

Monday, May 7, 2012

Video Review Resources

You can watch The Presidents online.  Here are important episodes:

The Presidents:  Truman to Ford

The Presidents:  Carter to George W. Bush

Also, the series America:  The Story of Us has some good episodes.  For a more detailed look at recent history, you may want to check out the last episodes, "Rise of a Superpower" and "The New Millennium."  Click on the links below and it will take you to the playlist.  Each episode is broken down into several nine 10-minute parts.

America:  The Story of US:  "Rise of a Superpower"

America:  The Story of US:  "New Millennium"

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chart of APUSH Eras

Here is a chart with all of the eras in U.S. History and the essential terms to know for each era.  This is a good organizational tool.  Feel free to add your own terms to the list as well.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Review Materials

Here are some resources to help you study.


APUSH Terms (150 terms)
AP Key Terms (533 terms)
Supreme Court Cases flashcards  
Art, Literature and Culture flashcards
Visual Art Flashcards

Don't forget, your book has online flashcards as well!

Other online resources:

1. AP U.S. History Review (29 pages. Great overview of each era)
2. 540 Things to Know (9 pages. Lists important terms and brief description)
3. Era Principles (1 page. Summarizes the main idea of each historical era)
4. Important Supreme Court Cases (2 pages. Lists cases and describes importance)
5. Political Parties (5 pages. Lists the different political parties throughout history and their ideas)
6. Presidential Doctrines (3 pages. Important presidential doctrines and their significance)
7. AP Quizzes (This site has over 50 quizzes you can take over AP-related material)
8. Giant AP Review (This 76 page review was put together by students at Horace Greeley High School in New York. )
9. APUSH Notecards (This site has several notecards that can be printed out to help you study)
10. US History Outline (This page has brief descriptions of each period in US History)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Reading Schedule End of Year 2012

April 9:  Chapter 28 (AMSCO Chapter 25)
April 16:  Chapter 29 (AMSCO Chapters 26-27)
April 23:  Chapter 30 (AMSCO Chapter 28)
April 30:  Chapters 31, 32, 33  (AMSCO  29-30)

Terms Test (100 terms from both semesters--up through Chapter 28):  April 17

First Cumulative Exam:  May 1
Second Cumulative Exam:  May 9

AP Test:  May 11

Schedule April 2-5

Monday, April 2

1.  Return 1920s RG (key is online)
2. Lecture:  The New Deal

Read through the Documents for the Depression DBQ.  You will be writing a DBQ in class tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 3

Great Depression DBQ in class

Wednesday, April 4

Test:  Unit 7  (Imperialism, World War I, 1920s, 1930s)

Make sure you have read the Chapter on World War II (Chapter 28 in American Nation, Chapter 25 in AMSCO) by Monday.

Thursday, April 5

Test corrections.

Read article on American Homefront in World War II for Tuesday.  Terms test next Friday.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Schedule March 19-23

Monday, March 19

Video:  The Century:  Stormy Weather

Make sure you have read Chapter 27 by Thursday.

Tuesday, March 20

Forum:  The Jazz Age.

Today, you will meet in the Theater for a presentation about Jazz.

Wednesday, March 21

No class.  Practice ACT.

Thursday, March 22

Lecture:  Hoover and FDR

Friday, March 23

Video:  The Presidents:  FDR

Over Spring Break, you need to read the chapters on World War II.  Keep up with the reading.  Your Unit Test will be on the Wednesday after break. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Schedule March 12-16

Monday, March 12

Lecture:  Prohibition and the 1920s

Tuesday, March 13

Quiz:  Chapter 23 and 24

Reading guide on the 1920s due tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14

Video:  Boom and Bust

You should start reading Chapter 27.  Make sure it is read by Monday.

Thursday, March 15

1.  Finish video.
2. Lecture:  The Stock Market Crash

Friday, March 16

1.  Lecture:  The Great Depression and the New Deal, part 1

Due to a forum next week and the practice ACT, we will not be having the unit test.  That will come the first week in April, after Spring break.  The Terms test will be the second week in April. 

No more reading guides, but you will be expected to keep up with the readings.  We may have quizzes on the day that readings are due.  Over Spring Break you will be expected to read chapter 28.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wilson Video

Today, we watched the last 40 minutes of an American Experience video about Woodrow Wilson.  Here is the video and the sheet that went with it.  This is an important video as it chronicles the the fight Wilson had over the Versailles Peace Treaty.  If you weren't here today, start the video at 40:47.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Schedule March 5-9

Monday, March 5

DBQ Day.  Complete DBQ essay in class.

Chapter 24 reading guide due on Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 6

Lecture:  World War I, part 1

Reading Guide due tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7

Lecture:  World War I, Part 2

Thursday, March 8

Finish World War I

Quiz tomorrow over Chapters 23 & 24

Friday, March 8

Quiz: Chapter 23 & 24

Terms test over chapters 1-24 on Tuesday, March 13  Terms Test cancelled.  Unit Test will still be before Spring Break.  Also, begin reading Chapter 25 and 26.  Complete the reading guide for next Thursday.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Imperialism DBQ

On Monday, you will be writing an essay on Imperialism.  If you didn't get a copy of the documents, here they are:

Friday, February 24, 2012

Schedule February 28-March 3

Monday, February 27  BRING BOOK TODAY

Today, you will have the class period to work on the Chapter 23 reading guide.  It is due tomorrow.

For the four people who were not here on Friday, the test is in Test makeup.  You need to take it today, if you want the opportunity to engage in group corrections tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 28

Group Test Corrections.

Read, "America's First Southeast Asian War:  The Philippine Insurrection."    Complete questions at the end of the reading for Thursday.

Wednesday, February 29

Lecture:  The Age of Imperialism, 1

Thursday, March 1

Lecture:  The Age of Imperialism, 2

Start reading Chapter 24.  Complete reading guide for Tuesday.

Friday, March 2

Lecture:  World War I--beginnings

Quiz over Chapters 23 & 24 next Friday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Schedule February 21-24

Tuesday, February 21

1.  The Presidents:  TR, Taft and Wilson
2.  Lecture:  The Progressive Presidents

Wednesday, February 22

Lecture:  The Suffrage Movement and the 19th Amendment

Thursday, February 23

Essay Test:  Unit 6---free response essay

Friday, February 24

Test Unit 6

Start reading Chapter 23.  Complete the reading guide for Tuesday.  On Monday, you will have some time in class to work on it.  We will do test corrections on Tuesday.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Unit 6 Test Organizer

This is a rather large unit.  One of the best ways to study is to categorize terms and then learn those terms based on the category. If you don't remember, for example, who Terrance V. Powderly is---but you remember he was part of the "Labor Movement" category, then you are more likely to get the question right.

Here is a Unit 6 organizer that will help you categorize the terms.  Go through the Unit 6 syllabus and place the various terms into the boxes on the organizer.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Schedule February 13-17

Monday, February 13

Lecture:  Populism and the election of 1896

Read Chapter 22 and complete Reading Guide for Thursday.

Tuesday, February 14

Finish lecture on Populism.
Read and discuss Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech"

Wednesday, February 15

The Progressive Age and the Union Stockyards in Chicago

Reading Guide for Chapter 22 due tomorrow.

Thursday, February 16

The Progressive Age, Part 1

Friday, February 17

The Progressive Age, Part 2

Test over Unit 6 on Tuesday!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Schedule February 6-10

Monday, February 6

1.  Finish film. Discuss.
2.  Lecture:  Immigration in the Gilded Age

Tuesday, February 7

1.  Finish lecture
2.  Start the Presidents:  Garfield to McKinley

Wednesday, February 8

Finish the Presidents

Reading guide for Chapter 21 due tomorrow.

Thursday, February 9

Lecture:  Populism

Friday, February 10

Quiz:  Chapters 18 & 19

Read, "The Wizard of Oz:  A Parable on Populism."  Complete questions for Monday. Unit test next Friday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

APUSH Gilded Age Discussion Questions

Here they are:  the Gilded Age discussion questions.  The purpose of these discussions is to provide an opportunity to debate historical issues with your peers.  You need to approach the discussion much like you approach essays.  You need to argue a point and provide concrete evidence to support it.

There are THREE discussion questions.  You need to make responses to just TWO of the questions (four responses total).  The first response needs to be to the question itself.  The second response needs to address the response of someone else, either in support or refutation.  Remember to be civil and to provide evidence for everything you state.  Click on the link below to enter the discussion board.  Have fun.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Schedule January 30-February 3

Monday, January 30

1.  Finish Lecture on the Gilded Age
2.  Discuss elective options

Read Howard Zinn, "Robber Barons and Rebels" for Friday.  On Friday, you will begin to respond to some online discussion questions based on the article.  Also, you will need to start reading Chapter 19.  The Reading Guide for Chapter 19 is due on Friday as well.

Tuesday, January 31

1. Lecture:  The History of Corporate Personhood
2.  Document analysis:  Sherman Anti-Trust Act

Wednesday, February 1

Lecture:  The Labor Movement, Part 1

Thursday, February 2

The Labor Movement, Part 2

The Chapter 19 Reading Guide is due tomorrow.  Plus, make sure you have finished reading Zinn for tomorrow as well.

Friday, February 3

Video:  The Homestead Strike

Start reading Chapter 21.  The Reading Guide for Chapter 21 is due on Thursday.  On Wednesday, you will have a quiz over Chapters 18 & 19.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to Semester 2! (Plus Schedule for January 24-27)

Here we are:  Semester 2.  Things will pick up in terms of pace and material.  This week, we start Unit 6, which covers roughly 1870-1900. 

Tuesday, January 24

1.  Intro to semester 2
2.  Lecture:  Native America, Part 1

Complete Ch 17+ Reading Guide for Thursday.

Wednesday, January 25

Lecture:  Native America, part 2

Chapter 17 Reading Guide due tomorrow.

Thursday, January 26      BRING BOOK TODAY

You will have the period to begin working on the Chapter 18 Reading guide.  The reading guide is due on Monday.

Friday, January 27

Lecture:  Introduction to the Gilded Age

Reading guide for Chapter 18 due on Monday.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


11)       Society, Culture, and Reform, 1820-1860 (pages 213-215)
            1. D   2. B   3. E   4. D   5. A   6. C   7. E   8. B   9. C   10. E
13)       The Union in Peril, 1848-1861 (pages 255-257)
            1. D   2. E   3. D   4. A   5. C   6. B   7. B   8. C   9. B   10. D
14)       The Civil War, 1861-1865 (pages 282-283)
            1. D   2. E   3. B   4. D   5. C   6. A   7. D   8. A   9. B   10. A
15)       Reconstruction, 1863-1877 (pages 303-305)
            1. E   2. A   3. C   4. C   5. D   6. E   7. B   8. D   9. B   10. A

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Here is the lecture for Reconstruction.  Your test over Unit 5 will be this Friday, with the group retake on Tuesday.  Finals are on Thursday, so it all comes at once.  For Wednesday and Thursday this week, you will have class time to prepare for both the test on Friday and the final exam.  The final exam will be 100 questions.  You can find keys for the reading guides for this unit above.  Don't worry about Chapter 17 right now; we will be doing it first thing next semester.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hi everybody. Sorry I have not been in.  Obviously, we will have to make some changes to the schedule.  I am not sure when I will be back; hopefully by Wednesday (fingers crossed).

Therefore, your test won't be until Thursday and the retake on Friday.

On Monday and Tuesday, you will be watching a provocative movie about Reconstruction.

I was planning on lecturing about Reconstruction.  Instead, I will post the lecture online which will consist of a powerpoint with yours truly narrating it (gotta love technology).

On Monday or Tuesday, your reading guides will be returned.  I'll put the keys online so you can check your answers.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, just email me.

Mr. J