Monday, March 28, 2011

April Reading Schedule

Have the following chapters read by the date listed:

April 1:  Chapters 25 and 26   (AMSCO Chapter 23)
April 6:  Chapter 27  (AMSCO Chapter 24)
April 11:  Chapter 28 (AMSCO Chapter 25)
April 15:  Chapter 29 (AMSCO Chapters 26-27)
April 20:  Chapter 30 (AMSCO Chapter 28)
April 26:  Chapters 31, 32, 33  (AMSCO  29-30)

First Final Exam:  April 27
Second Final Exam:  May 4

AP Test:  May 6

Schedule March 28- April 1

Welcome Back!

Monday, March 28

Lecture:  The United States enters World War I

Reading Guide for Chapter 24 due tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 29

Lecture:  The US Homefront and the End of the War

Read Chapters 25 and 26 for Friday.

Wednesday, March 30

Practice ACT Day!

Thursday, March 31

Video:  The Twentieth Century:  Boom to Bust (with sheet)

Friday, April 1

1.  Finish video
2.  Discuss economic policies that led to the crash

Read Chapter 26 for Wednesday

Monday, March 14, 2011


Monday, March 14

1.  Lecture:  Imperialism, p. 1

RG Ch 23 due on Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 15

1. Lecture:  Imperialism, p. 2

Wednesday, March 16

Meet in Black Box for Forum on Jazz and the 1920s.  This forum is important and the information taken from this forum will be much of what we do for the cultural aspects of the 1920s.

Start reading Chapter 24.  Complete reading guide.  Due the Monday we get back from break.  Also, read Chapter 25.

Thursday, March 17

1.  Lecture:  Intro to World War I

Friday, March 18

2.  Lecture:  World War I

Finish reading guide over break and read chapter 25.  Have a great break and stay out of the trees!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Monday, March 7

Lecture:  The Chicago Stockyards

Reading guide, Chapter 22 due tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 8

Lecture:  Intro to the Progressive Movement

Wednesday, March 9

Lecture:  The Progressive Presidents

Thursday, March 10

The Progressive Presidents, con't

Friday,  March 11

Test:  Unit 6

Start Reading Chapter 23.  Complete Reading Guide for Wednesday.