Friday, February 24, 2012

Schedule February 28-March 3

Monday, February 27  BRING BOOK TODAY

Today, you will have the class period to work on the Chapter 23 reading guide.  It is due tomorrow.

For the four people who were not here on Friday, the test is in Test makeup.  You need to take it today, if you want the opportunity to engage in group corrections tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 28

Group Test Corrections.

Read, "America's First Southeast Asian War:  The Philippine Insurrection."    Complete questions at the end of the reading for Thursday.

Wednesday, February 29

Lecture:  The Age of Imperialism, 1

Thursday, March 1

Lecture:  The Age of Imperialism, 2

Start reading Chapter 24.  Complete reading guide for Tuesday.

Friday, March 2

Lecture:  World War I--beginnings

Quiz over Chapters 23 & 24 next Friday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Schedule February 21-24

Tuesday, February 21

1.  The Presidents:  TR, Taft and Wilson
2.  Lecture:  The Progressive Presidents

Wednesday, February 22

Lecture:  The Suffrage Movement and the 19th Amendment

Thursday, February 23

Essay Test:  Unit 6---free response essay

Friday, February 24

Test Unit 6

Start reading Chapter 23.  Complete the reading guide for Tuesday.  On Monday, you will have some time in class to work on it.  We will do test corrections on Tuesday.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Unit 6 Test Organizer

This is a rather large unit.  One of the best ways to study is to categorize terms and then learn those terms based on the category. If you don't remember, for example, who Terrance V. Powderly is---but you remember he was part of the "Labor Movement" category, then you are more likely to get the question right.

Here is a Unit 6 organizer that will help you categorize the terms.  Go through the Unit 6 syllabus and place the various terms into the boxes on the organizer.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Schedule February 13-17

Monday, February 13

Lecture:  Populism and the election of 1896

Read Chapter 22 and complete Reading Guide for Thursday.

Tuesday, February 14

Finish lecture on Populism.
Read and discuss Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech"

Wednesday, February 15

The Progressive Age and the Union Stockyards in Chicago

Reading Guide for Chapter 22 due tomorrow.

Thursday, February 16

The Progressive Age, Part 1

Friday, February 17

The Progressive Age, Part 2

Test over Unit 6 on Tuesday!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Schedule February 6-10

Monday, February 6

1.  Finish film. Discuss.
2.  Lecture:  Immigration in the Gilded Age

Tuesday, February 7

1.  Finish lecture
2.  Start the Presidents:  Garfield to McKinley

Wednesday, February 8

Finish the Presidents

Reading guide for Chapter 21 due tomorrow.

Thursday, February 9

Lecture:  Populism

Friday, February 10

Quiz:  Chapters 18 & 19

Read, "The Wizard of Oz:  A Parable on Populism."  Complete questions for Monday. Unit test next Friday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

APUSH Gilded Age Discussion Questions

Here they are:  the Gilded Age discussion questions.  The purpose of these discussions is to provide an opportunity to debate historical issues with your peers.  You need to approach the discussion much like you approach essays.  You need to argue a point and provide concrete evidence to support it.

There are THREE discussion questions.  You need to make responses to just TWO of the questions (four responses total).  The first response needs to be to the question itself.  The second response needs to address the response of someone else, either in support or refutation.  Remember to be civil and to provide evidence for everything you state.  Click on the link below to enter the discussion board.  Have fun.