Sunday, December 2, 2012

Schedule December 3-14

Monday, December 3

Video:  The Presidents:  Andrew Jackson through James K. Polk

Tuesday, December 4

Lecture:  Antebellum Reform Movements

Reading Guide for Chapter 10 due tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 5

Lecture:  Abolition and Slavery

Start reading Chapter 13.  The Reading Guide is for both Chapter 13 and 14. The entire reading guide is due on Wednesday, December 12.

Thursday, December 6

Finish lecture on abolition and slavery.

Friday, December 7  Bring Book Today.

The Chapter 13-14 reading guide is long.  So you will have some time today in class to work.  The reading guide is due on THURSDAY.

Monday, December 10

DBQ Writing.

Homework:  Reform Movement DBQ.  Word processed. Due tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 11

Lecture:  Road to War:  The 1850s, Part 1

Wednesday, December 12

Lecture:  Road to War:  The 1850s, Part 2

The Chapter 14 Reading Guide is due tomorrow.

Thursday, December 13

Lecture:  The Emergence of Abraham Lincoln and the Election of 1860

Start reading Chapter 15 and the corresponding Chapter in AMSCO.  The Civil War Reading Guide is Due next Thursday.

Friday, December 14

DBQ:  The 1850s.  The DBQ is due tomorrow.

Monday, December 17

Lecture:  The Civil War, Part 1

Tuesday, December 18

Lecture: The Civil War, Part 2

Wednesday, December 19

Lecture:  The Civil War

The Reading Guide for the Civil War is due tomorrow.

Thursday, December 20

Quiz:  Chapters 14 & 15

Start reading Chapter 16.  Start the reading guide.  It will be due on Tuesday, January 8 2013!

Looking ahead:   The big unit test will be on January 14.  Your final exam is on January 16.