Friday, December 16, 2011


Tuesday, January 3

Lecture: The End of the Civil War

Wednesday, January 4

Video:  The Presidents:  Pierce through Lincoln

Chapter 16 Reading Guide due tomorrow!

Thursday, January 5

Lecture:  Reconstruction, Part 1

Friday, January 6

Lecture:  Reconstruction, Part 2

Monday, January 9

Wrap up Unit.

Tuesday, January 10

Test:  Unit 5

Homework:  The West Reading Guide (Chapter 17+) Due Friday.

Wednesday, January 11

Test Groups

Thursday, January 12

Native America, Part 1

Friday, January 13

Native America, Part 2

Finals next week!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Monday, December 12

Lecture:  The Emergence of Lincoln and the Election of 1860

Homework:  Start reading the Amsco Book, pages 265-288.  Complete the reading guide for Friday. Note:  You will also need to use your American Nation textbook as well.

Tuesday, December 13  BRING AMSCO BOOK TODAY

Work day.  Bring your AMSCO book.  You will have the period to work on the reading guide.

Wednesday, December 14

Lecture:  Civil War, Part 1

Thursday, December 15

Lecture:  Civil War, Part 2

Civil War Reading Guide due tomorrow.

Friday, December 16

Lecture:  Civil War, Part 3

Over break, you will need to complete the Reconstruction Reading Guide.  Your Unit Test will be within the week we come back  (Friday?).

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Schedule December 5-9

Monday, December 5

Lecture:  Slavery and Abolition

Read Chapters 13 and 14.  Complete Reading Guide for Friday.

Tuesday, December 6  Bring Book Today

1.  Finish lecture if necessary.
2.  Today will be a work day.  This reading guide is long, so I want to give you some time in class to work on it.

Wednesday, December 7

Writing a DBQ:  How to use documents in writing.

Today, we will examine a DBQ for the reform movements of the 1820s-1840s.  You will analyze the documents and then formulate a thesis based on the question.  On Friday, you will be assigned a DBQ essay. It will be due on Monday.

Thursday, December 8

Lecture:  The Road to War:  The 1850s, Part 1

Reading guide due tomorrow!

Friday, December 9

Lecture:  The Road to War:  The 1850s, Part 2

Over the weekend, you will be writing a DBQ based on the what we have been discussing regarding the 1850s.  Next Monday, you will get a reading guide for Chapter 15 that will be due later in the week.  A quiz over Chapters 13, 14 and 15 will also be next week.  Over break, you will be reading Chapter 16 and completing the reading guide.