Monday, October 8, 2012

Schedule October 9-12

Tuesday, October 9

1.  Go over Unit 1 Test
2.  Finish discussing the Unit 1 essay.  The rewrite for the essay is due on Friday.

Continue with Chapter 5.  Complete the Chapter 5 Part 1 reading guide for Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 10

Lecture:  The Articles of Confederation and the Constitutional Convention

Read the rest of Chapter 5.  Complete the Chapter 5, Part 2 Reading Guide for Tuesday.

Thursday, October 11

Video:  Making a Constitution

Friday, October 12

Lecture:  The Ratification of the Constitution

Start reading, "The Greatness of George Washington."  Complete Fact File for article.  Due on Thursday of next week.  You will have a quiz over the article then.

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