Monday, September 3, 2012

Schedule September 4-7 (UPDATED)

Tuesday, September 4

1.  Finish Lecture on Puritans
2.  Puritan Document Analysis in Class (Fill out chart for the analysis)
3.  Go over Chapter 1 reading guide

Wednesday, September 5

1.  Discuss Puritan documents
2.  Start video:  Massacre at Mystic.  You will be filling out a sheet as well for this video.  Store the video sheets with your "Fact File" sheets.

Thursday, September 6

1.  Finish video.  Discuss

Friday, September 7  

1.  Go over Chapter 2 reading guide.
2.  Lecture:  Quakers in the Colonies

Homework:  Complete "Itemizing the Colonies" (except for the last page) for Monday.

Quiz over Chapters 1 and 2 on Tuesday!  For this quiz, you will be writing about an image and explain how it relates to the chapter, you will write about the relationship between terms and answer a short essay question.

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