Sunday, March 11, 2012

Schedule March 12-16

Monday, March 12

Lecture:  Prohibition and the 1920s

Tuesday, March 13

Quiz:  Chapter 23 and 24

Reading guide on the 1920s due tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14

Video:  Boom and Bust

You should start reading Chapter 27.  Make sure it is read by Monday.

Thursday, March 15

1.  Finish video.
2. Lecture:  The Stock Market Crash

Friday, March 16

1.  Lecture:  The Great Depression and the New Deal, part 1

Due to a forum next week and the practice ACT, we will not be having the unit test.  That will come the first week in April, after Spring break.  The Terms test will be the second week in April. 

No more reading guides, but you will be expected to keep up with the readings.  We may have quizzes on the day that readings are due.  Over Spring Break you will be expected to read chapter 28.

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