Sunday, September 9, 2012

Schedule September 10-14

Monday, September 10

1.  Finish lecture on the Colonies
2.  Go over "Itemizing the Colonies" sheet
3.  Discuss the essay prompt

HW:  Start reading chapter 3 (pages 79-95).  Complete Chapter 3, Part 1 reading guide for Friday

Tuesday, September 11

Quiz:  Chapters 1 & 2

HW.  Essay.  You will get an AP style essay to write.  The essay will be due tomorrow. Continue working on reading guide.

Wednesday, September 12

1.  Collect essays.
2.  Lecture:  The beginning of the French and Indian War

Thursday, September 13

1.  Lecture: The French and Indian War

Reading Guide (Chapter 3, Part 1) is due tomorrow.

Friday, September 14

Writing Day:  "I'd Like to Have an Argument, Please"

Today, we will be discussing the art of thesis and intro writing.  You will get your essay back and you will need to rewrite just your intro using the supplied rubric.  The new intro will be due on Tuesday.  Turn in your new intro attached to your old essay.  Every time you turn in a rewrite, you need to include ALL versions that you have written.

Also, you need to finish reading Chapter 3 and complete the Chapter 3, part 2 reading guide for Thursday.

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