Sunday, September 23, 2012

Schedule September 24-28

Monday, September 24

1.  Finish Lecture:  Road to War
2.  Go over Chapter 3 Quiz

Read "Common Sense" and complete study questions for tomorrow.  Chapter 4 reading guide is now due on FRIDAY.

Tuesday, September 25

1.  Discuss Common Sense.
2.  Declaration of Independence activity.  Read the document and answer the study questions.

Wednesday, September 26

No School.

Thursday, September 27

Discuss the Declaration of Independence

Chapter 4 Reading Guide due TOMORROW.

Friday, September 28

Lecture:  The Revolutionary War Soldier

Test over Unit 1 on Wednesday.

Monday, October 1

American History Mystery:  The American Revolution Edition

Tuesday, October 2

Lecture:  The End of the War

Wednesday, October 2

Test:  Unit 1

Start reading Chapter 5.  Complete reading guide (Chapter 5, part 1) for Tuesday, October 9.

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