Sunday, October 21, 2012

SCHEDULE October 22-26, 2012

Monday, October 22

1.  Watch The Presidents:  George Washington
2.  Lecture: John Adams and the Election of 1796
3.  Go over Chapter 5, Part 2 reading ruide

Tuesday, October 23

1.  Watch:  The Presidents:  John Adams
2.  Quiz:  Chapter 5

Start reading Chapter 6.   The reading guide for Chapter 6 is an outline.  Although you need to read Chapter 6, the outline is optional.  I will collect it on Tuesday if you would like some points for it.  We will have a quiz over Chapter 6 on Tuesday, October 30.

Wednesday, October 24

Lecture:  The Election of 1800 and Thomas Jefferson's Administration

Thursday, October 25

1.  Lecture:  Thomas Jefferson and the coming war with Great Britain
2.  Watch:  The Presidents:  Thomas Jefferson

Read, "The Personal Side of a Developing People."  The reading is broken up into short segments.  Each of you will be responsible for some of the sections and  you will be presenting the information from each section tot he class tomorrow.  Here is the sheet that you will be filling out during the discussion.  Focus:  What does the article tell us about life in the early American republic?

“Dour Visages”
Russ B.
Cheyenne B.
Hannah B.
“A Pungent Folk”
“Privy Matters”
“Letting the Bedbugs Bite”
Michael B.
Dan E.
Tony F.
Sam G.
“Birth of the Bath”
“Besotted Era”
Jenny K.
Rose K.
Matt K.
Joe K.
“Public Punishment”
“Rise of Respectability”
Emma M.
Kenny M.
Brad N.
Megan N.
“Sex Lives of the Natives”
Lisa N.
Maddie O.
Rachel P.
Nathan S.
“Reigning in the Passions”
Jack S.
Doug T.
Luke T.
Joe V.
“Smoking and Spitting”
“From Deference to Equality”
“Land of Abundance”

Friday, October 26

Discussion over "The Secret Life of a Developing Country."

On Tuesday, we will have a quiz over Chapter 6.  We are also starting Chapter 7.  The reading guide for Chapter 7 is due next friday.  You can download it here.

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