Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to Semester 2! (Plus Schedule for January 24-27)

Here we are:  Semester 2.  Things will pick up in terms of pace and material.  This week, we start Unit 6, which covers roughly 1870-1900. 

Tuesday, January 24

1.  Intro to semester 2
2.  Lecture:  Native America, Part 1

Complete Ch 17+ Reading Guide for Thursday.

Wednesday, January 25

Lecture:  Native America, part 2

Chapter 17 Reading Guide due tomorrow.

Thursday, January 26      BRING BOOK TODAY

You will have the period to begin working on the Chapter 18 Reading guide.  The reading guide is due on Monday.

Friday, January 27

Lecture:  Introduction to the Gilded Age

Reading guide for Chapter 18 due on Monday.

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