Sunday, February 10, 2013

Schedule February 11-15, 2013 *UPDATED*

Monday, February 11

1.  Finish Video.  Discuss.
2.  Labor DBQ Activity and Documents.

For homework, finish the DBQ activity.  Be prepared to share and discuss your thesis with the class.  You must email me your thesis sometime tonight.

Tuesday, February 12

Go Over Theses from the DBQ.  Discuss THESIS and PARTITION writing.

Write a answer to the DBQ. Word-processed essay due on Thursday.

Wednesday, February 13

Quiz:  Chapters 17 & 18

DBQ essay due tomorrow.

 Thursday, February 14 

Lecture:  Immigration, Part 1

Start reading Chapter 21.  Reading guide due on Tuesday.

Friday, February 15

Lecture:  Immigration, Part 2

Reading Guide due Tuesday.

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