Sunday, December 4, 2011

Schedule December 5-9

Monday, December 5

Lecture:  Slavery and Abolition

Read Chapters 13 and 14.  Complete Reading Guide for Friday.

Tuesday, December 6  Bring Book Today

1.  Finish lecture if necessary.
2.  Today will be a work day.  This reading guide is long, so I want to give you some time in class to work on it.

Wednesday, December 7

Writing a DBQ:  How to use documents in writing.

Today, we will examine a DBQ for the reform movements of the 1820s-1840s.  You will analyze the documents and then formulate a thesis based on the question.  On Friday, you will be assigned a DBQ essay. It will be due on Monday.

Thursday, December 8

Lecture:  The Road to War:  The 1850s, Part 1

Reading guide due tomorrow!

Friday, December 9

Lecture:  The Road to War:  The 1850s, Part 2

Over the weekend, you will be writing a DBQ based on the what we have been discussing regarding the 1850s.  Next Monday, you will get a reading guide for Chapter 15 that will be due later in the week.  A quiz over Chapters 13, 14 and 15 will also be next week.  Over break, you will be reading Chapter 16 and completing the reading guide.

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