Monday, December 12, 2011


Monday, December 12

Lecture:  The Emergence of Lincoln and the Election of 1860

Homework:  Start reading the Amsco Book, pages 265-288.  Complete the reading guide for Friday. Note:  You will also need to use your American Nation textbook as well.

Tuesday, December 13  BRING AMSCO BOOK TODAY

Work day.  Bring your AMSCO book.  You will have the period to work on the reading guide.

Wednesday, December 14

Lecture:  Civil War, Part 1

Thursday, December 15

Lecture:  Civil War, Part 2

Civil War Reading Guide due tomorrow.

Friday, December 16

Lecture:  Civil War, Part 3

Over break, you will need to complete the Reconstruction Reading Guide.  Your Unit Test will be within the week we come back  (Friday?).

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