Monday, November 7, 2011


Monday, November 7

Lecture, War of 1812--part 2

Reading guide Chapter 7 due tomorrow

Tuesday, November 8

Starting today, weekly review sessions of concepts and vocabulary will begin in room 209.  If you are having problems with some ideas or questions, you can attend.  A teacher will be there to help you with the information.  This will be available every Tuesday morning starting at 6:45 am.

Lecture:  The Era of Good Feelings

Start reading Chapter 9.  Complete Reading Guide for next Tuesday, November 15

Wednesday, November 9

1.  Video:  The Presidents (Madison, Monroe and Adams)
2.  Lecture:  The Election of 1828

Thursday, November 10

Lecture:  Andrew Jackson, part 1 (You can download a handout of the powerpoint slides here)

Complete Chapter 9 reading guide for Tuesday!

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