Monday, November 28, 2011

Schedule November 30-December 2

Monday, November 28

Lecture:  Manifest Destiny

Tuesday, November 29

Writing Skills:  The Essay Body

You will be turning in your Unit 1 essay again for a grade on the body.  Attach a rubric to the essay when you turn it in.  If you want to have your intro graded again, attach that rubric to it as well.  This is due on Monday, December 4

Wednesday, November 30

Test:  Unit 4

Take-home essay due tomorrow

Thursday, December 1

Test Corrections in Groups

Homework:  Read Chapter 10.  Complete Reading Guide for Monday

Friday, December 2

Lecture:  The Age of Reform

Reading guide due Monday.

Looking ahead:  Over the next two weeks we will be completing Chapters 10, 13, and 14.  You will have a DBQ essay during this time and a quiz over Chapters 13 and 14 before Winter Break.  When we come back from Winter Break, we will complete Chapter 15 and have a Unit 5 Test.  Before the final exam, we will have our 2nd Terms Test (75 questions this time).  We will end the semester with Chapter 17.

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