Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Tuesday, October 11

Lecture:  Washington's Administration

Reading guide, Chapter 5 part 2 due tomorrow

Wednesday, October 12

Lecture:  The Adams Administration

Read article, "The Greatness of George Washington" for Friday

Thursday, October 13

1.  Quiz:  Chapter 5
2.  Lecture:  The Election of 1800

Read Chapter 6.  Complete reading guide for Wednesday.  This reading guide is different than past guides.  It is an outline of the chapter.  Expect a quiz over chapter 6 on Wednesday of next week.  You will be able to use your outline.  So complete it well.  The quiz will count as your reading guide grade.  I will not be collecting it.

Friday, October 14

1.  Quiz/Discussion over Greatness of George Washington
2.  Lecture:  Administration of Thomas Jefferson

Reading guide due on Wednesday.

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