Monday, September 5, 2011

Schedule September 6-9

Tuesday, September 6  (Bring Book Today)

Finish lecture on Colonies
"Itemize the Colonies" Activity ( Part 1, Part 2)

Wednesday, September 7  (Bring Book Today)

Finish "Itemize the Colonies" Activity

Thursday, September 8

Go over Chapter 2 Reading Guide
Discuss Unit 1 Test

Friday, September 9

Test:  Unit 1 (Multiple choice in class)
Essay  (Take home test).  You will have one essay to write over the weekend.  It will be due Monday.  It needs to be word-processed.  You will have a choice of AP Style essays dealing with colonization.

We will be starting Chapter 3 on Monday. You may begin reading p 79-95.  The Reading Guide (Chapter 3 Part 1) will be assigned Monday.  It will be due on Wednesday  (Part 2 will be assigned on Wednesday and will be due next Friday.  It is available here if you would like to get ahead).

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