Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Presidents--watch online

The Presidents series from the history channel is great review.  Unfortunately, we are not going to have time in class to watch them.  Below you will find links for the presidents from 1945 to the present so you can watch them online.

Truman (con't), Eisenhower and Kennedy
Kennedy and LBJ
LBJ (con't) and Nixon
Nixon (con't) and Ford
Carter (con't) and Reagan
Reagan (con't) and Bush
Clinton and George W. Bush
George W. Bush

Each of the above segments is 10 minutes long.  I would really suggest watching at least Nixon Through Clinton--since we will not be covering this in class.

The other episodes are on Youtube as well.  There are 8 episodes in all, broken down into 10 minutes segments.  Here is the first segment from episode one.  You can find the rest easily.

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