Sunday, February 13, 2011


Monday, February 14

1.  Discuss readings

Starting tonight, discussion questions will be placed on this blog.   You will need to give responses to each question; instructions will be provided for each question.  You will have until Friday to make responses---after that, your responses will not be counted.

Tuesday, February 15

Lecture:  Corporate Personhood:  A History

Document analysis:  The Sherman Anti-Trust Act

Wednesday, February 16

Lecture:  Growth of the Labor Movement

Read Chapter 19.  Complete Reading Guide for Monday.

Thursday, February 17

Lecture: Growth of the Labor Movement (con't)

Friday, February 18

Video:  The Homestead Strike

Reading guide for Chapter 19 due on Tuesday.

Bring Book on Tuesday.  You will have a workday to begin Chapter 21.

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