Sunday, October 24, 2010


Monday, October 25

1.  Go over Washington article
2.  Lecture:  The Administration of George Washington and the development of political parties

RG Chapter 5 part B is due tomorrow

Tuesday, October 26

1.  Go over Ch 5.1 Reading Guide
2.  Lecture:  The Administration of John Adams and the Election of 1800

Start reading chapter 6.  You must read this chapter.  You can complete the Ch 6 reading outline.  This is optional and will not be collected, but is good for outlining the chapter and getting the necessary information for the test on Friday.

Wednesday, October 27

1.  Lecture:  The Administration of Thomas Jefferson and Marbury v. Madison

Thursday, October 28

1.  Go over Chapter 5.2 Reading Guide
2.  Video:  The Presidents:  Washington through Jefferson

If you want to watch the video again or missed it the first time, you can watch it online. It is a great review.

Part 1.1 Washington
Part 1.2  Washington and Adams
Part 1.3 Adams and Jefferson
Part 1.4 Jefferson

Test tomorrow over Chapters 4, 5 and 6. 

Friday, October 29

Test:  Unit 3:  The Federalist Era

Read, "The Secret Life of a Developing Country"

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